Fast, Quick, Reliable, Notary Service

Traveling notary is a dependable, professional, and punctual notary public. We can meet you within 30 minutes of your call at home, office, prison, hospital, or anywhere is most convenient for you. You can even come to us to avoid the travel fee!

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Los Angeles Area Traveling Notary Services

Los Angeles Area traveling notary service provider, we have specifically designed a comprehensive array of mobile notary services to meet the demands of busy people. We provide notarization services to virtually every kind of business including real estate transactions, homeowner associations, title companies, hospitals, adoption paperwork, law offices, jails & prisons, corporate board rooms, to mention a few. We can service all parts of Los Angeles, including South Bay area communities, Hollywood, and Santa Monica.

Fast, Reliable, Comprehensive Notary Services

We are one of California’s leading mobile notary public,  service providers covering the entire city of Los Angeles California and the surrounding area. We offer a comprehensive array of traveling notary and related services, bringing experience, reliability, and professionalism to your location. We get it right the first time.

Experienced – Knowledgeable – Accurate

We understand time is money, and we know it is necessary to get it right the first time. Many times notary public services under serve clients due to inexperience. We have a solid track record.  We understand time and accuracy is money. We’ve built our reputation and business model around excellence and accuracy.

We are bonded and commissioned by the State of California. We carry over $100,000 of Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance. We are a member and are in good-standing with the National Notary Association.

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